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7th February 2012

Micro machines and computing in schools

Steve Matthews
The first question posed by tonight's talk is whether the LUG could be developing a part of its activity to encourage members to buy such micros and simply have fun programming with them for the greater strength of the LUG's traditional interests in Linux and open source.
The second question, following on from the first, is the recent conclusion of government that the ICT curricula in schools needs to be strengthened this year by "programming", "computer science", and "open source". The fear of many is that we might be producing a generation of young people that can use a few standard packages, but would not have inherited the deep scientific engineering skills base to make future computers for which the UK is traditionally reputed.
And so, tonight's talk will propose and consider these two questions, and to what extent the LUG might contribute in future to the development of computing in school curricula.
1st January 2012

A Social Tech Meeting

6th December 2011

Members Mini Talks

Various Members
1st November 2011

Graphics related?

Iulian Arcus
4th October 2011

Android Application Development

Charles Barnwell
24th to 25th September 2011

PyCon UK

6th September 2011

Functional Programming meets Open Source

Steve Matthews
25th August 2011

Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks

Richard M. Stallman
16th to 18th August 2011

Use R! The R User Conference 2011

2nd August 2011

Red5 - Open Source Flash Server

Tim Williams
5th July 2011

ARM 'OROne' microcontrollers

Garry Bulmer
I'll outline the strengths of the 8-bit Arduino microcontroller, and then describe the 32-bit ARM 'OROne' microcontrollers I am developing.
My goals are to provide both an easy entry point, and to support projects which are significantly beyond the unaided-Arduino. For example, by using a 32-bit ARM processor, projects like music synthesisers, MP3 players, robotics, and games become feasible.
I designed the first member of the family, a robot board in 2010. Based on feedback, I'm now working on a simpler, low-cost, flexible design which will enable people to DIY it from components if they desire.
2nd & 3rd July 2011

Godiva Festival

Open Source Community Exhibition Stand

7th June 2011

An Introduction to Regular Expressions.

Barry Gidden

3rd May 2011

A Home Weather Station & Linux

Andrew Stringer

5th April 2011

Open Source in a Community Organisation

Mark Hinton

1st March 2011

Open Street Map

Andy Robinson

1st February 2011

Btrfs and it's impact to the Linux World

Jan Harasym

4th January 2011

Joomla! and Facebook

Caroline Rogers

6th December 2010

Multiple Image Alignment and Fusion

Keith White

1st-2nd May 2010


24th October 2009

LUG Radio Live

7th-9th August 2009

UKUUG Summer 2009 Conference

21 July 2009

Virtualisation - VMWare and others

Darren Austin

4-5 July 2009

Godiva Festival Stall

16 June 2009

Regular technical meeting - subject t.b.a.

17 February 2009

Temporarily having social meetings at Pasta Hut until a new Tech Meeting venue can be found. Please join us.

20 January 2009

Temporarily having social meetings at Pasta Hut until a new Tech Meeting venue can be found. Please join us.

16th December 2008


Andy Robinson

18th November 2008

Computer Forensics

Adrian Shaw

21 October 2008

Joomla CMS

Philip Cowen

16 September 2008

No tech meeting this month

19 August 2008



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Introduction to TCP/IP

Configuring Linux networking


Introduction to Ethernet

Andrew Stringer

Ethernet.pdf (PDF)


Alternative operating systems

21/11/2006 Introduction to Perl Barbie, Birmingham PM Intro to Perl (View online) Perl-Intro.tar.gz (Gzip'ed tar) 19/12/2006 Linux in the Christmas Enterprise Andrew Stringer Linux-In-Lapland (PDF) 16/01/2007 Voice over IP and Trixbox Quentin Wright VoIP.tar.gz (Gzip'ed tar) 20/02/2007 Introduction to DNS Andrew Stringer DNS-Intro.pdf (PDF)

	DNS resource records 	Darren Austin 	DNS-RRs.pdf (PDF)

20/03/2007 Looking up DNS records Andrew Stringer DNS-Lookups.pdf (PDF)

	DNS server configuration 	Darren Austin 	DNS-Config.pdf (PDF)

17/04/2007 Introduction to the command line Quentin Wright (No files) 22/05/2007 Introduction to email and clients Andrew Stringer Darren Austin Bernard Giltrap

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